Mobile Crushing and Screening

Ashmore Bros. offers a complete line of Mobile Crushing and Screening services.  The equipment we provide in these operations includes a jaw crusher, screen, excavator with hoe ram, excavator with muncher, and loader with weighing capabilities.  We possess the necessary licensing and permitting to perform these services on your site or we can remove the materials to be crushed off site depending on project requirements.  As part of our commitment to recycling and diminishing landfill waste, we crush concrete and asphalt construction and demolition waste and use the power screen to size it to produce site usable products on commercial and industrial locations.  Our equipment is also suited to crushing granite to make usable stone material on any job site, even in a downtown environment. 

If the specific project situation has no need to use the crushed material on site, we also operate a recycle center located in the Greer, SC area where we receive concrete and asphalt materials for crushing.  We offer these crushed and screened concrete and stone products and RAP for sale to other contractors.  Please contact our Estimating Team to help with your crushing needs or our Recycle Center.