Pavement Recycling and Milling

Ashmore Bros. is an industry leader in South Carolina in the efforts and application of technology in the rehabilitation of roads through Pavement Recycling and Milling.  In many cases, the recycling of paved surfaces is more cost effective than the removal and replacement of that surface. Ashmore Bros. has the equipment and experience to provide  In-place Emulsion Recycled base, Full Depth Cement Modified Recycled base and Asphalt Milling.

Our asphalt milling is applicable to a wide range of project types: from interstate highways to private commercial/industrial sites; from full lane removal to curb reveal for drainage.

We also have almost two decades of experience in performing in-place recycling.  Once a road has deteriorated 10 to 15 percent, it has reached the point at which it becomes more cost effective to perform in-place recycling.  Roads are ground up in place and shaped for positive crown and drainage.  Then additives are metered into the ground material and mixed to become either a modified asphalt base or cement modified base.  The more cost effective of these two in-place recycle methods for a given project is determined by the original construction subgrade or subbase design.  Ashmore Bros. has the complete line of equipment and experienced personnel to perform both of these methodologies.  Please contact our EstimatingTeam; they will be happy to help you determine which method is best suited for your project.